Public, and CMS suggestion~

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Public, and CMS suggestion~

Post by xHerDesire<33 on Fri Sep 18, 2009 10:33 pm

Well, Kirby mentioned something about a CMS being the main homepage (Not forums) of DMS, so
I did a little research about CMS's, and I got down to 3 hopeful suggestions.

1.Sowh4t's CMS (Nearly everyone uses this, but nub servers have leeched it SO much it's lost some of its glory, but many add-ons are availible if you chooose this CMS) -Credits to sowh4t

2.Cype CMS (Ftw. [A server]/[A server]/[A server]/[A server] and some others uses this, most stable, not much Add-Ons, the developers are working on a v2) -Credits to Jawsh and Murawd

3. WinterStory CMS (Well, it's a slight variation of the 2 above, and it has quite a lot of add-ons, and [A server that's the first v75 public] uses this. But it d/cs quite a lot... o_o)

[A server] << stuff was prevention from advertising, REP ME IF YOU THINK I DID THE RIGHT THING O_O

Erm.... Personally, since I use Cype, I'll have to recommend it... albino So~~

Just a personal opinion. You don't have to use any, o-o



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Re: Public, and CMS suggestion~

Post by Kirby on Sat Sep 19, 2009 10:41 am

umm. desire b/c my server is gms like im making my cype gms like. most likly the genesis cype... i already gots it. its epic like. and raverstory supports cype in the mysql already


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