How To Connect To DragonMS Site/Game

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How To Connect To DragonMS Site/Game

Post by Kirby on Sun Mar 07, 2010 3:12 pm

For those who are new, and those that don't know how to use Hamachi ( i know i hate it to ) Here is a simple guide that will get you online

1. Download Hamachi from here

2. Open Hamachi and in the top bar where it says ((System Network Help)).
Click Network and Join An Existing Network.

3. Enter this information
Network ID: DragonMS110 <If the Network is full join 111-120>
Password: 123 <This password is the same for all 20 networks>
Click Join

4. Now that you are on my hamachi network, in a web browser (firefox,explorer,chrome,etc) type this in at the top/URL bar <This is my Hamachi IP Address.>

5. You should be at my site, There you can register, and download the game to play.

Helpful tips

If you cannot log onto the game, try to
1. Restart your hamachi

2. if you have a messenger like MSN instant messenger, exit out of that, it can sometimes use the same port as DragonMS


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